temporary installation


Design: Nestor Campos • Tipology: Installation • Location: Stockholm • Year: 2020 • Status: competition

The competition

The competition „Steel Race Reuse 2020“ consisted in designing an installation that has steel as main material in its diverse industrial forms to create a temporary „meeting point“ for the Architecture Gala in Stockholm. The installation needed to have a strong spatial character, create interaction and be built in a workshop, transported, and reused.

The concept

Agora is the term of the public space for a square in ancient greek cities. They were used as marketplace or public meeting place. The Agora was delimited by the „stoa“, a long covered arcade, in which one could stroll or stand in the shadow during the hot hours of the day (wikipedia.se).

Agora is a spatial installation inspired by the ancient greek architecture concept of an open space delimited by vertical elements with access from different points. A place to meet, talk, discuss, read ... or just sit. The visitor will feel the curiosity to enter any of the many doors and experience the space that flows between the parts.

The design

Delicious colors make the installation an eyecatcher for the square and gives a playful feeling. The dimensions are based on a 45 cm module (size for a seat). The vibrant colors contrasts with existing materials that illuminate the square and the facade.

The best recycling is to use again and again. These modules can be moved from place to place in the city. Square, parks, bus stations or events such as concerts, festivals etc. A temporary architectural concept that can change city.

Let´s make it happen

...everything is posible. What are you waiting for?

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