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Design: Nestor Campos • Photography: Nestor Campos • Materials: Ash/Oak • Year: 2014 • Producer: Normann-Copenhaguen


Every person is a world and its desktop an universe. Your own universe. Full with objects, differents shapes and materials. Floating around, they need to be part of a system. Order but with the freedom of movement for every item you use.
As in the Universe, every planet has its own orbit, it own size and dynamism, but all interconnected creating a system, every system is part of another bigger one.
All of them following the Fibonacci spiral.

What is astro?

“Astro” is a tray set inspired by the Fibonacci spiral where every element is part of another, proportions are related in an harmonic balance. The color on the sides reminds the planet orbits, to keep your items always on track.

save the universe

“Astro” is made from ash and oak boards. Every set is milled by CNC from a single board, leaving a minimun of leftovers. This process make it also very easy to produce.
The design allows also flat packing, saving energy during transport. Wood is only oiled and stained, and 100% reciclable. Ash and Oak are high quality materials with a long use lifetime.

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