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Design: Nestor Campos • Materials: powdercoated steel • Year: 2015 • Photography: Nestor Campos • Producer: Northernligting

The inspiration

Drift is a candleholder set inspired on the Arctic ice. With the idea of designing a very simple object for holding a candle, that can be combined in diverse ways and play around your table with very minimalistic look, Iceberg was born from the memory those beautiful images of Ice pieces floating on the sea, like at the reportage from Simon Harsent called MELT, once you see it you can never forget it.
Something so simple as frozen water can be beautiful, fascinating, colossal and fragile at the same time. A oneness that come into pieces, floating and soaring in a surface. There is something poetic in this pieces dancing on the sea, traveling thousands of miles.

The name

Drift came from its inspiration. Is simple, international known, and brings easily the connexion between the product and the nature with a strong nordic background.
Simple, pure, iconic, strong and dynamic. Combine your Drift as you like, make them flow, play, and you will love them!

The material

Drift is made of two electro-welded pieces of steel, and a pin. The main body with a bend corner to be grabbed, a pin to hold the candle and a bottom base that creates a shadow fugue giving feeling of ice pieces floating on the table.
Metal is a perfect material for the uncomplicated production of this small object and fits to an object inspired in ice, the cool touch, reflections and sound help to create the ”ice mood”.

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