Design: Nestor Campos • Photography: Ion Kombokis • Materials: Ash & Powder coated steel • Year: 2015 • Status: Looking for producer

Eclipse is a candle tray, part of the family called Silhouette, inspired in the light shades that creates the sun when hiding behind the planets. Humans has always been fascinated and terrified by Eclipses, imagine these planets moving around each others and veiling the sun light, just astonishing. An eclipse was ba symbol of good luck or a curse, but always something mysterious. The world “Eclipse” came from the Greek Ekleipsis that means “disappear”.

The tray is made in Ash and shades in powder-coated steel. The base works as playground for your candles, where usually candleholders bind the candle to one position, in a static way, with Eclipse you leave the candles freely on the tray and play with the shades to create different kinds of reflections and shadows. The metal shades gives a three-dimensional effect and can direct light to the room or against the wall, every time with a different composition. Shades in front of the candle with become dark and behind will reflect light shaping a beautiful contrast between them. Direct the light against a wall and you will see dancing shadows on the surface while enjoying a awesome soiree.

Eclipse is just beautiful, simple, mystical and iconic with delicious colours for your favourite shelves and cabinets. Magical evenings with enhancing ambient light that brings the universe to your home.

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