Design: Nestor Campos • Photography: Ion Kombokis • Materials: Powder-coated steel • Year: 2016 • Status: Looking for producer

Fractal is and elegant organizer for the small objects at home or at the office. Style and sophistication with an innovative triangular shape.
Pushing further the traditional concept an organizer, Fractal is inspired in the Mathematical concept of a “fractal” where geometry repeat itself to the infinite. Different triangles sizes that fits in to each other gives a playful still minimalist touch.
Poetic and practical, Fractal triangles brings an original customizable system to keep small object tidy in an unique mini landscape.

The Fractal triangles were born by the nonconformity of the traditional round/square shape organizer. Pure geometry, visual lightness and strong aesthetics are the keynotes.
The simple pattern allow to see objects inside, while makes the triangle visually attractive, sexy and sharp but still elegant. Three different sizes are combined with 4 different heights, opaque or with pattern. They can be stacked, fit in to each other or combined in an organic sequence.
Brilliant powdercoated steel gives an impeccable finish and quality, making this pieces a timeless elegant accessory.

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