Design: Nestor Campos • Photography: Nestor Campos • Materials: Glass & Ash/Oak • Glassblower: Österlens Glashytta • Year: 2013 • Status: Looking for producer

Inspired by the love of Swedes for candies, the lamp make a reference to the tradition called “Lördagsgodis” (Saturday candies), a custom that allows children eat candies only on saturdays, making this day special, a day full with colors, funny shapes and smiles. 3 flavour to choose: Lemon-lime, Strawberry&cream and licorice. “Godis ” lamp catch this spirit of happiness, playfullnes and joy, combining a creamy shape, sharp colors and delicious materials. .

Made in sweden, designed with spanish passion, “Godis” lamp is a handmade glass blowed in Smålands with swedish oak/ash base. Combined with LED lighting and CNC machinery is a delightful symbiosis between tradition and new technologies. Exquisite ambient light for your desk or your favourite coffee table. Turn it and use it as distintive tray on your lobby and you’ll never forget your keys again.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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