Design: Simon Helmersson & Nestor Campos • Materials: Porcelain & Oak/Walnut • Year: 2014 • Photography: Simon Helmersson & Nestor Campos (Concrete tetrapods:Copyright Buck Sleeper) • Status: Looking for producer

A tetrapod is a four-legged concrete structure used as armour unit on breakwaters. A tetrapod’s shape is designed to dissipate the force of incoming waves by allowing water to flow around rather than against it, and to reduce displacement by allowing a random distribution of tetrapods to mutually interlock.

Harbour is another kind of tetrapod:
Tetrapods are made in concrete, he is made in porcelain.
Tetrapods are big, he is small.
Tetrapods absorbes energy, he emits it.
Tetrapods are heavy, he almost levitates.
...and Harbour has a cable.

Harbour is a lamp who likes to be together with friends or sometimes standing alone.
Harbour will enjoy being on your desk lighting, helping you to focus on your work or playing on the floor while creating an enchanting atmosphere where you can relax in your favourite room.
Harbour will look out for you and share his light in mellow silence with books and a cup of coffee but nothing is more fun then playing climbing over his friends.
Harbour has a character as strong as concrete and if you love him, he will share his fragile porcelain heart with you.

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