Design: Nestor Campos • Photography: Nestor Campos • Materials: Stained Ash • Year: 2014 • Prizes: 2nd place Muuto award 2014

This bowl is inspired by the dynamism of Kattegatt and Øresund. A wild, cold, brave and difficult Sea between Denmark and Sweden. Nordic culture has its roots on the sea, sailing, exploring, trading is part of its history. During many years the Sea was the way how food just came home. Now you can have your own sea at home, keeping your food on its waves.

Sea have a magical attraction. Poets, artists explorers have been hypnotized by its etheral movements, mysteries, dancing waves and entrancing reflections. A place for inspiration, meditation and challenges. Many stories, adventures, battles and tragedies have taken place while riding its waves.

Øresund sea is the first and last thing to see when flying away from Scandinavia, while crossing the bridge between Sweden and Denmark. Every time I leave Scandinavia I would like to take it with me.

“Hav” is a piece of Scandinavia that brings to your home the flow and memories of nordic seas.

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