Design: Nestor Campos • Photography: Nestor Campos • Materials: Procelain & Cork • Lightsource: LED • Year: 2014 • Status: Looking for producer

Porcelain is an amazing material. It has enchanted artist and designers for thousands of years. It begins as a power or fluid to a very fragile state, later the firing process will make it become hard. This is a very poetic aspect, that after the firing it become pure, white, shiny, all waste is gone. I wanted to experiment the properties of the porcelain and light. When light goes through is become warm, shading light as a candlelight. If the porcelain works as reflector, light is perfect white, intense, vibrating.

I was looking for a lamp that could used this two properties, and at the same time be playful and take away the ”fear” of grabbing and porcelain object. I got inspired by the eyes, that brings light to the body, they are delicate and protected by the eyelid, in the same way ”iris” has the cork as protection, and make it inviting to be grabbed and gives this playful touch. Cork is also a perfect material combined with porcelain, in colors and aesthetics, also since porcelain has never a prefect shape after the firing cork adapt to this smalls irregularities that at the same time makes the porcelain process so exiting.

Simplicity, beauty, playfulness, geometry, curiosity and natural materials are the keywords to this cork lamp with a lovely porcelain heart.

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