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Design: Nestor Campos • Materials: Oak/Walnut/ash • Year: 2013 • Photography: Nestor Campos • Status: Looking for producer

What is IUNGO™?

IUNGO™ is a wooden toy, created to develop creativity, self-expression and love for Nature in kids. Pieces are inspired by prefabricated concrete beams used in Architecture. They can be joined in a intuitive way, so that no instructions are needed. Raw Walnut, Oak and Ash discover in kids the beauty of materials, sounds and smells in the Nature.
IUNGO-box is conceived as part of the game, not only a container. It sends the message to the kids that there are more ways to use things that throw them away as we do with common toy’s packaging.

Why was IUNGO™ designed?

IUNGO™ was designed as an alternative to all plastic toys that flood markets actually. Toys are full with electronics components and toxic materials. Kids just press a bottom and the toy plays alone, leaving creativity aside. The Idea was to design a toy with only natural materials, contributing to the kid´s safety, easy recycling process and showing love and respect for nature.
Simple pieces but endless possibilities, challenging kids and adults to explore what imagination can build. With IUNGO™ the only limit is your imagination!.

a natural toy

Nowadays having kids surrounded by plastics, electronic devices many kids have never touched raw wood. How does wood smell? How does wood fell? How does it sound?
Pieces are made with 100% wood, no treatment, no paints, only the box has natural glue as extra material. IUNGO™ was inspired by architecture borrowing some of the characteristics from the prefabricated concrete beams: standard joins should allow 3d connections, intuitive way of building to just connect or stack up, easy production to save energy and endless possibilities to boost creativity and self challenge..

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