Design: Nestor Campos • Photography: Simon Helmersson • Materials: Oak/linoleum & Powder-coated steel • Year: 2016 • Status: Looking for producer

Keen is a table-set born from the idea of setting up a working place in a simple way, combining functionality and aesthetics. Pushing further the traditional concept of two trestles and a top board, Keen legs are designed with and L form to be packed together during transport/storage and keep the space free for legs while used. Different top boards sizes can be used adding flexibility and endless possibilities. Three pads on every side of the legs keep the top/floor from sliding.
Keen is a contrast between homeliness and industrial, sharp and rounded, minimalism and sculptural shapes.

During working you may want to be focus, clear and sharp mind. You need to be “keen” on your task. The sharpness translate this concept into materiality. Keen legs are inspired by architecture, where planes play with the contrast of light and shadows giving a sculptural expression to the table set. Top has rounded corners and a subtle chamfer connecting the homeliness of the top with the unexpected cuts of the legs.
Keen is simple, iconic and combines tradition in an original functional concept. Now is easy to set up a new working space with personality.

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