Design:Isabel Gil & Nestor Campos • Photography: Melon Blanc • Tipology: Concept Store • Location: Sevilla (Spain) • Year: 2015 • Status: Completed

MadeWithLof is a concept store for the brand with the same name founded by two sisters in Seville, Spain. The brand is based in "Do it your self" products, workshops and courses.
The concept for the projects was to follow the brand style with simple furniture, build in raw industrial material like plywood, like "home made furniture". The neutral color of the wood has the purpose of being a background for the products sold that pop up with their bring colors.

The project need to be flexible, with furniture that can be move for the from time to time organized workshops and seasonal campaigns. Simplicity, natural materials and modesty are the keys of the project.
The furniture were build by local carpenters and the absence of treatment make then easy to reuse/recycle.

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