Design: Nestor Campos • Photography: Nestor Campos • Materials: Glass • Colaborator: NASA & Lund university • Year: 2013 • Model: Rebecca Wennberg

The brief for the this project was “A journey to Mars”. Thinking about space exploration first ideas are about how to solve problems for surviving in a short time, need of oxygen, water, radiation protection and fuel storage, but a Mars mission is going to be a long trip, circa 2 years. But, what if we don´t want to come back? What if we want to stay?. Colonization present new problems have to be solved from a different perspective,presenting also many, mental and physical challenges for the crew.

Adapting to a new environment as can be the desert like Mars, living in a close space with same people everyday, stress and depression issues from homesick, to encourage a community feeling need a new approach. Finding activities to relax and spent some free time, is essential. This activities can be rewarding and should be also useful.

Fresh food, social relations, stress relief, craftsmanship as therapy, colonization...soon all the pieces began to fit. With my Spanish background, the solution was easy: First thing to do when we get to Mars is grow grapes and make some wine. This project tell the story of Marineris, the first martian wine. Grapes from Earth (Pinot Noir) were brought from earth in 2035, when the first permanent base was established. Adapting them to the Clima with hydroponics, grapevines are now since 2050 cultivated by robots in the hillsides of Valles marineris.

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