Design: Nestor Campos • Materials: Ash • Fabrics: Kvadrat • Year: 2014 • Photography: Nestor Campos • Status: Prototype

Modern life in a city is fast, constantly making choices, lining up, noise, we live quickly...but when we got home we may want to have a place for our own, no protocols, step in a place were all worries were away, no decision, just be.The name Piano is the Italian word for plane, level, and is also used to express take it easy, smooth, quietly.

Piano is the result of the search of a minimal furniture for the living room, inspired by the memories of the happy times of the childhood, when we used to enjoy laying on the floor. When we were kids the best things in life were just play, sketch, watch TV, eat an ice cream or dream with friends... Why did we enjoy it so deeply?...and we did not need so much as we do now, just the floor. Piano is simply a raised piece of floor, another “level”, an horizontal room divider.
Piano is formed by a main board, composed by slices, a low table, which top you can use as a tray, and a set of mattress and pillows. You can have it in 3 sizes, depending of your needs and space, Pond (xs), Lagoon (m) and Ocean (XL).
Slices are joined with a tenon joint and the small legs keep them together, no screws are used. As the mattresses, just tie the leather strips to have one big instead of two smalls.

Use the mattress to lie, sit or take then away as better suits to you, enjoy it alone or with friends an family. The touch of the ash boards bring us back to Nature. Textiles with 90% wool gives a nice tactile experience and the blue indigo accent the warm tones of the wood, and giving some notes of serenity and quietness like a lake on a hidden valley. Simple, straightforward, iconic and easy-going, a look back to early times with a new Nordic touch.

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