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Design:Isabel Gil & Nestor Campos • Tipology: Retail • Location: Sevilla (Spain) • Year: 2017 • Status: studie

The store

Raccoon is a concept store for comics, books and collectables. The client wanted to have a twist in the brand identity and interior design by reusing the existing furniture and solving some of the problems like lack of display and storage while keeping a low budget.

The concept

Starting with a store space with an industrial style, the idea was transform it in an "under construction" look by implementing the new identity. For this we suggested new materials like corrugated sheets, tubes with the corporate color that help define signage and as furniture support and plywood. It will also be complemented with grids and polycarbonate sheets for some of the displays. For lighting, we bring a touch of neon lighting integrated the existing fluorescents.

The furniture

The furniture is designed as module units with plywood as base material. This modularity allow to relocate the products on demand. Existing furniture is also adapted to the new brand identity. The main concept under the furniture is to have storage behind every display saving space and making easy to refill the products.

Let´s make it happen

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