Health care center

Design:Nestor Campos • Tipology: Health/ Public • Location: Granada (Spain) • Year: 2007 • Status: Master thesis project

A health care center has the function to provide first aid and medical attention to the neighborhood. Located outside the urban area, has a strong rural character, but keeps the urban connection, and acts as transition area between both.

The proximity to the river gave the inspiration of a scratch on the ground like children do when they play with the sand. A bank is also a transition between water and earth. Three scratches will house all the functions, one main building with all the practice rooms, a second one with emergency service and rehabilitation and the third one with offices. All three buildings are connected underground and surrounded by a urban park on the North and rural park on the South reinforcing the transition sense of the complex.

Usually visiting a medical center can be an unpleasant experience. Interior spaces aim to create an atmosphere to make more pleasant and comfortable this experience. Light, soft colors and green give a sense of calmly, peace and leisure. Every waiting area has direct visual connection with exterior parks. The park is also conceived as an waiting area extension where you can wait, sit, play, have fun and enjoy nature. Digital information will displays the exact time when your turn is coming. The proposal focus on people happiness as main role for rehabilitation. Happy people is always healthy people!