House 2R


småland (sweden)




170 m2




The house

House 2R a vacation house (fritidshus) for a young family located in the middle of the Swedish forest in Småland. The project started with the requirements of designing a simple house spatially and constructively with a very high energy efficiency. The house is surrounded by the forest in all its sides, and the concept is based in the idea of directing the 2 main views looking to east and west, witch gives name 2R HOUSE (2 roofs house). The main chamber is looking to the sunrise having the morning light between the trees and the afternoon sun is enjoyed in the living area on the west.

2R House has a footprint of 10x10meters, creating a compact building to optimize energy efficiency. Natural ventilation between the ground level and the top keep the house fresh in summer. Natural lighting was also an important aspect of the project. Winter sun is collected by the living room-kitchen openings and shaded in summer. Morning sun for the master chamber and northern and soft light for the office. South openings are shaded by the proximity of trees.


Relation with the place

2R House aimed to develop a formal language which had a proximity with the classical Swedish cabin (stuga) with a modern look. It has a simple and open public area in the ground floor, where the stair case acts as a strong sculptural element that brings character to this simplicity connecting the public and the private. Different windows allows to see the surrounding forest almost in 360 degrees. Kitchen and walls are kept to the minimum to make easy enjoying family life on a holiday.

Materials for the facade are selected to integrated in the nature, following the traditional architecture using wood, while the interior has a touch of sophistication and minimalism that acts as a frame for the forest views. An interplay between simplicity and rural tradition, contemporary comfort and architectural sophistication.